2 min readJun 5, 2020

The Secrets of Empowerment

I am a survivor of rape and childhood abuse, of discrimination and poverty…I could go on. And the worst part is that my story is not unique. There are so many people who are born into a dysfunctional and diseased system like ours that feeds and protects monsters and dysfunctional people. In feeding them, it takes external power from those good or innocent people that don’t know how to or even know that they can protect their power. I have lived this myself. At my lowest point, I was completely broken. Shattered mind, heart, body and soul. But in that total destruction of my Self, I found something. Something that cannot be…


I have studied physiology, psychology, sociology, physics, neurology, music, dance, art. I love to learn! I am autistic and a survivor of traumas.