Secrets of Empowerment: Life Lesson Part 2

This part is the hardest to write. Not for being the worst, it was bad, but I have survived so much worse! The simple answer is that there was A LOT going on all at the same time. The problem is that for…

Are you sick of being manipulated? Are you tired of repeating destructive patterns? Then it is time to practice asking why. Why do I feel that way about what they said? Why did they do that? We are told to ask questions in school…but told that we cannot question adults’…

The Secrets of Empowerment

I am a survivor of rape and childhood abuse, of discrimination and poverty…I could go on. And the worst part is that my story is not unique. There are so many people who are born into a dysfunctional and diseased system like ours that feeds and…


I have studied physiology, psychology, sociology, physics, neurology, music, dance, art. I love to learn! I am autistic and a survivor of traumas.

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